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Minus 2


CLIENT: BOA SUBJECT: Collin Charles and Jerrod Black are Minus 2. They played in the NFL, now they make music. PHOTO DEPARTMENT : Michaela StoutWRITER: Moritz Hoffmann The two friends Collin Charles and Jerrod Black are trying to find in music what evaded them during their time in the NFL: Appreciation, respect and maybe even love. They made the switch from the tough and relentless business of American football to the world of Californian beach raves, […]

The Guthrie House


CLIENT: Wall Street JournalISSUE: 08/21/2019SUBJECT: A Forgotten Architectural Gem Rises in the California Desert – A mother-daughter team spent $1.345 million rescuing an abandoned Palm Springs home built by Albert Frey in 1935PHOTO EDITOR: Allison Scott