Personal Work

Inspired by the in-flight publication Skymall, well known for its unusual and absurd products, my series “Prototypes” explores the idea of consumerism through the invention, design and full-scale construction of a series of devices and gadgets. Like Skymall products, “Prototypes” encourages the audience to fantasize about a better life, a life made easier, and thus more enjoyable, through the possession of one or more of my inventions.
The creation of each prototype is a process of conceptualizing an idea, planning out the execution, constructing the piece and finally, photographing it. Most of the prototypes are inventions that would make my own life easier. However, like many items found in the skymall publication, the fantasy usually proves more gratifying than the actual product. My chosen medium of photography is essential in perpetuating that fantasy. Through photography, the prototype looks full of possibility and promise. The audience can embrace the concept of using this invention to improve their quality of life.