horizonte zingst – Pick it up


Photofestival horizonte zingst

Exhibition “Pick it up” (curated by fotogloria | büro für fotografische zusammenarbeit GmbH)
13 Photographers took pictures of garbage collected at seasides all around the globe which deserve a deeper recognition and a closer look
Andrea Artz (Strait of Dover), Kristian Gehradte (Bass Strait), Ian MacLellan (North Atlantic), Nicoló Minerbi (Mediterranean Sea), Christoph Morlinghaus (Elbe), Olya Morvan (Persian Gulf), Hamon Nasiri ( Arabian Sea), Obie Oberholzer – Nature’s Valley (Indian Ocean), Peter Prast (Baltic Sea), Philippe Roy (East China Sea), Marco Simola (South Pacific), Claus Sjödin (Baltic Sea), Patrick Strattner (North Pacific)
5th May 2017 – 20th July 2017

Max Hünten Haus
Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park
Schulstraße 3
18374 Zingst